Righting wrongs and fighting against windmills in order to head to La Mancha from Santiago de Compostela, Spain. (remembering Cervantes' Don Quixote).

The Alcalá gate in Madrid Spain, couldn’t be missed by our Mexican tourist guy.

Detail checking at the Cibeles fountain. Observe his rapid movement and trajectory. Despite this, he was unable to solve the Chiapas conflict in fifteen minutes.

Fox in Madrid, España. Sun’s gate ¿Do you find any resemblance?

Haciendo “el oso” Madrid (mexican expression literary translated “doing the bear” which means something like to make a fool of someone to make someone laugh)

A bit of culture is not bad for someone who sometimes displays apparent ignorance. Barcelona conveys pure culture to for any tourist who has never previously experienced Armando Gaudí......sorry, Antonio Gaudí.


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