If an economic crisis or devaluation still allows you to access this site, we congratulate you, since in these really difficult times not every technological advance is available to all The content of this site won’t make you rich, but at least it offers both a real and imagined view
of the world outside Mexican borders.


This allegory was initiated by some enthusiastic inhabitants of a non-imaginary exotic country, where only a few hundred million people live, a country located close to, but not intimate with the glad I’m not in the land of cotton yankee empire with a high poverty rate, a competitive level of criminality, a respectable place in the world corruption rankings and yet despite or because of these drawbacks, it is also inhabited by wonderful people, brimming with resources and talent who have contributed to its survival and international accomplishments.


Now with your computer you will be able to take a virtual trip across the world, to give you an idea of how taxes in MEXICO are being used to sponsor globetrotting tours for Mexican politicians to many places quite out of reach for the average Mexican. This situation is mirrored in many other countries where like-minded leaders, presidents, kings, chancellors, prime ministers and dictators enjoy the pleasures of travel thanks to tax donations from it’s citizens.


This idea uses the well known freedom of speech and despite the satirical content against a real statesman, no offence is intended. I am sorry if the content offends those who admired, those who still admire, and those who will admire Mr Vicente Fox, but since I made a fool of myself in many countries disguised as a latex president, I prefer to live with that instead of being in debt to the land of unfulfilled promises. We hope to show clearly in form of pictorial legacy, the expression from a part of a society which hasn’t benefited from the oh-so frequent political pledges which are most commonly heard at election times. For those who feel offended, please consider this as a purely tongue in cheek effort to console the many people who are simply not able to travel outside Mexico. I want to highlight my not inconsiderable courage and absurdity in wearing a mask in numerous countries, sometimes in the middle of crowds, thereby risking arrest and imprisonment (certain countries have rules regarding the wearing of a mask in public). All images are authentic and were not altered with any digital tool, the negatives do really exist someplace on planet earth!.


With the powers of communication bestowed by the internet, I’d like to invite the international community to present new ideas using a mask with the president, king, leader, chancellor, prime minister or dictator of your preference, without neglecting your sensible caution and instinct for self-preservation and a desire not to be arrested. It would be interesting to perform a democratic and peaceful summit of masked public figureheads in any conspicuous place in order to induce that most precious of free gifts, a smile.


Without further ado, please enjoy this page and if you have an idea, if you want to complain, if you want to contribute with more pictures don’t forget to drop me a line.


This site represents only the point of view of its owner and the content is not related to the opinion
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moral and good manners. Mexico 2006