The main characters of this story is an unlicensed clone of the former Mexican president Vicente Fox, while also paying homage to some other infamous politicians who’s greatest achievement was to leave widespread misery in Mexico after their periods in office, like the former president Carlos Salinas de Gortari who also appears in some beautifully taken photographs. These people and many other politicians owe their well-being and world trips to the courtesy of many Mexican contributors. The government goes on, our globetrotters-mexican’s-statesmen-tourists will continue travelling without pause thanks to our taxes to many unknown places while his government’s tenure permits… Viva Mexico!

Wait for them in your city!


My identity is not important, I am a citizen who for personal and business reasons has the possibility to travel around the world, and with this ironic allegory to spread the word of how far one can go in being cheeky misusing taxes for personal holidays, instead of solving real problems. My trips were thankfully not sponsored by any national budget. I want to thank those people who participated and those who in the future will participate by borrowing their identities for an ironic cause, those who dared to take me pictures sometimes in the middle of the crowd and like myself to make fool also of themselves on numerous occasions in the street. I reserve the right to keep preserve the anonymity of the many supporters throughout the world. The mystery of my identity will remain in a secret like fictitious and real characters such as “el zorro”, “el santo”, “subcomandante marcos”, “mil máscaras”, “batman” and many more.

If you want to give me a name, just call me “Tourmex”. In this space I join the voice of anonymous and unknown celebrities who were born in Mexico and in other parts of the world, especially for those who struggle to change the sad prospects of the underprivileged.


Future spaces are preserved for the exhibition of the next presidents, kings, leaders, chancellors, prime ministers or dictators who are doubtless as guilts as their predecessors.

Meanwhile it will continue with president Calderon six year term tour...


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